Day 9: Lovecraftian Nightmare Kid’s TV

James Bridle introduces the wide world of batshit youtube videos aimed at children, that look like they were developed by robots. It’s very Molochian, up to and including “eating the brains of children willingly offered up by adults for a moment’s convenience”.

Go ahead and wade into the dark forest for a while. See what you can find in this ecosystem of soulless entertainment.

Spiderman appears in many of these videos. Occasionally, there are entire Spider Families consisting of many Spidermen in different sizes. They are never seen outside of their spiderman suits. In this one, he fidgets around the screen for two minutes while the Finger Family song plays. Unlike the title implies, no cows appear.

This one has 13 million views. The first comment in its comments section:


Is this hell? Am I dead?

We must imagine Spiderman happy.


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